Call for Proposals: Brand Refresh Tekano Health Equity

Call for Proposals: Brand Refresh Tekano Health Equity


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Call for proposals

Call for Proposals: Brand Refresh Tekano Health Equity

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    3 weeks ago

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    24 Nov, 2023

Call for Proposals: Brand Refresh Tekano Health Equity

Tekano Health Equity seeks a branding and website development consultant/agency to support our efforts to refresh our brand architecture and visual identity, and to facelift our digital face including developing a refreshed and engaging website, under our existing URL:

We are looking for an experienced agency with an established creative portfolio and a proven track record of delivering impactful and engaging websites and social media platforms. The consultant will lead the process of translating Tekano’s content, ideas, and vision into a polished, modern, and cohesive brand and website. They will drive the creative and development processes to deadline and budget, forecast challenges and considerations we may not have thought of, and use its expertise and experience to guide us toward our aims for this project.

About Tekano
Tekano addresses the systemic causes of inequity by fostering a community of socially, politically, and economically informed leaders dedicated to health equity. This involves collaborating with public and private sectors, social justice organisations, and influential communities to create a catalytic community for tackling systemic drivers of inequity and achieving health equity. Our organisational strategy is founded on the core principles of Pan-Africanism, Feminism and Decoloniality. Our communications strategy embraces a decolonised approach to communication, rethinking and challenging what is knowable and worth knowing. 

Tekano fellows are dynamic, visionary, value-based leaders who work in catalytic communities of learning and action to articulate, convey and act to promote health equity.

Our communications strategy developed earlier in 2023 sees Tekano playing a role in Amplifying, Convening and Mobilising for health equity in SA and globally as relevant.

Scope of services and deliverable 

The rebranding project will translate the objectives of the Tekano communications and social media strategies developed earlier in 2023, into a
1.A powerful brand architecture and visual identity that is aligned with and catalyses Tekano’s new phase and mission and engages our diverse audience and including a logo suite, colour palette, type, graphic elements, imagery, brand application rules and guidelines, inspiration for applying the brand, and branded collateral/templates.

2.A website with the specified features and functionality that provides a user experience that is aligned with and catalyses Tekano’s new phase and mission and is tailored to and engages our diverse audience for a cohesive, accessible, and impactful user experience.

The selected agency will redesign Tekano’s visual identity and style to advance a progressive, unified, and cohesive look to all Tekano materials. The agency will advise and guide how Tekano developed a distinguishable brand identity whilst also linking to the Atlantic Fellows global brand architecture.

Specifically, the agency should deliver:
•New corporate logo in various formats for multiple applications (including animated opening and closing cards for videos/stingers).
•Brand artwork assets (i.e., graphics icons).
•Detailed brand standards and usage guidelines to drive brand consistency when used by all Tekano departments. The brand style guidelines include, but are not necessarily limited to:
          o All final brand logo files, fonts, colour palette for use in print and digital.
          o Integrated imagery and complementary design elements, fonts, and colour schemes.
          o Design of brand identity template files for: business cards, #10 envelope, letterhead, email signature, and presentation deck and a              digital newsletter.
•An updated brand video outlining Tekano’s brand story.
•Creative brand ideas for ads (including press ads and outdoor ads), marketing collateral, marketing booths, and signage.
•Proposed rebranding campaign strategy and implementation plan (execution not included in this scope of work).

The Tekano website and related social media platforms
The new website will integrate an interactive map, as a central element of the website’s architecture and visual identity to reinforce the network’s global nature and reach; we would welcome proposals that utilise an interactive map element to showcase/demonstrate Tekano’s value-add for current and future fellows and partners, and cataylse our national mission.

The website will allow Tekano to demonstrate its impact through compelling visual representation/storytelling that showcases the work of Tekano and its fellowship community. It will also integrate more multi-media representation and be less text-heavy than the current site.

The new website will reflect and demonstrate Tekano’s theory of change in action and provide Tekano and its members with a cohesive and inspiring brand identity.
•The current website is WordPress, built on Devi.
•Two-factor verification (2FA) and strong passwords.
•The website design should maximise/leverage the full potential of Google Analytics.
•The design should be SEO and responsive, with seamless mobile optimisation, as many of our fellowship community and stakeholders engage exclusively via mobile devices.
•It is important that the website be able to load quickly/seamlessly on low bandwidths.
•The design should not rely on custom coding (or do so on a very limited basis) or Flash.
•The site should be agile and easily adaptable by Tekano staff (with basic WordPress skills) as needs change and evolve.
•The visual identity should speak to multiple audiences and use an intuitive, logical, and clean navigational structure across devices.
•Text should be displayed in an easy-to-read format with both skimmable and detailed elements; less text-heavy than the current website. Markup and style sheets should allow us to easily implement hierarchical style elements and structured formatting to allow for an SEO-friendly organisation of contents throughout the site.
•The site should integrate (and embed where relevant) various multimedia products, including publications, webinars, videos, podcasts/audio, and graphics.
•The site should integrate social media widgets and incorporate pop-ups where appropriate.
•Collaborate with Tekano on its profile, possibly with content aggregation functionality to automate some content and keep the profiles dynamic.

Proposals should include the following:
✓Name and Background: Include complete name and contact information.
✓Company Profile: Provide a brief description of the size of the agency and the composition and qualifications of professional staff by level. This should include showing the diversity profile of your team including racial and gender demographics of your company and its leadership.
✓List of Personnel who will work on this project including their education, experience, and qualifications.
✓Proposed Approach, work plan, and timeline describing how you will implement the design and development process for this project.
✓Line-item Budget for the stages of development in which you will provide the work described in this RFP.
✓References – offer at least three references from clients who have used your services for branding or rebranding. Briefly describe the scope of your work for these references, the year completed, and a contact name and telephone/email for each
✓Information on Additional Services: Please provide any information on additional services that you believe would be pertinent, and align with Tekano’s mission, vision, and values.

A separate portfolio showcasing your current work with an emphasis on branding or rebranding will be required to accompany the submission.

Proposals with accompanying documentation must be submitted via e-mail at

Proposal deadline: 24 November 2023

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