Capacity Development Trainer in Child Rights Programming in Southern Africa

Capacity Development Trainer in Child Rights Programming in Southern Africa

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Capacity Development Trainer in Child Rights Programming in Southern Africa

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Capacity Development Trainer 


in Child Rights Programming in Southern Africa



Background Information

Kindernothilfe e.V. (KNH) is a Non-Governmental Organisation founded in 1959 in Germany. KNH works with local non-governmental organisations and their networks in 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe to realize and protect children’s rights. In Germany KNH engages in awareness raising, education and advocacy relating to development policies and particularly to the implementation of the Child Rights Convention. KNH currently supports the work of 5 local partner organisations in Eswatini, 15 in South Africa and 11 in Zambia.


In 2019 KNH took the decision to elaborate and implement a Child Rights Programming (CRP) Strategy. It is our understanding and conviction, that the application of the child rights approach in projects can make a difference by achieving significant changes in the living conditions of children and the exercise of their rights. For KNH Child Rights Programming (CRP) is the way for partners of putting the child rights approach into practice in their programme and project work by using specific and adapted methods and tools within each phase of the project cycle, for example a child rights situations analysis. Thus, KNH understands CRP for itself in the following way: “Child Rights Programming means the application of child rights principles in the planning, implementation and monitoring of projects and programmes, with the overall aim of improving the situation of children, so that they can fully enjoy their rights and live in societies where children's rights are recognised and respected.“

Kindernothilfe is looking for dedicated and professional individuals or consultancy companies with local expertise in Southern Africa, respectively in the countries where partner organisations are based, who are interested in accompanying partner organisations throughout the capacity development process (with child rights-based impact-oriented Planning & Design and Monitoring to be focused on in the short-term). This encompasses preparation and implementation of contextualised module trainings including individual mentoring of partners during workshops as well as planning and implementing the post-workshop backstopping phases for all partners (individually and/or in small groups) for supporting and facilitating the elaboration of different “products” (action plans or theory of change etc.), elaboration of reports, etc.

All modules consist of a comprehensive toolkit including pre-reading lists for partners, trainer plans, information and worksheet handouts, PowerPoint presentations, etc.     All modules need to be contextualised and adapted by the trainer(s) for the respective group of participants and country context. 

After each training workshop the participating organisations will enter into an application phase to make use of the training in their work. The trainer(s) will accompany the organisations in this phase by face-to-face visits or online support depending on the specifics. 

The target groups of the trainings are the staff of KNH local partner organisations at management, programme and field work levels. The number of organisations for each training usually ranges from 8 to 10 with 2 representatives from each organization; ideally the total number of participants shall not exceed 20-22.

Wtih this specific call for 2023-24, KNH is looking for trainers for the upcoming modules on Project Design and Monitoring.

General objective: KNH partners have the capacity to plan and monitor child rights impact-orientated projects.

Specific objectives:                                                            

1) Participants know the central elements and characteristics of impact-oriented planning and monitoring of child rights-based projects. 

2) Participants are able to start developing their own impact chain and log frame. 

3) Participants know how to elaborate indicators to observe changes in the rights situation of children/youth.

4) Participants know how to collect and process and analyze data for the indicators in order to reflect and report on the changes that are achieved or not achieved with project

5) Participants know how to set up and implement their monitoring system.


Broad timeframes are:


                                  June 2023                   Selection of consultant (team) and contracting

July 2023                    Onboarding and preparation of training for the PD module and first sub-module on indicators of the MON module  

September 2023        Implementation of the PD module and first sub-module on indicators of the MON module training

October 2023             Implementation of backstopping phase for the PD module and first sub-module on indicators of the MON module (duration to be agreed)

From February 2024 Preparation for second and third sub-modules of the Monitoring module

From April 2024         Implementation of second and third sub-modules of the Monitoring module training

The Consultant’s application should include     

• CV of the trainer(s); please submit CV for each team member with clear description of responsibilities in case you will apply as a team

• Expression of interest including your reflection/comments on your understanding of capacity development, the described capacity development process and the modules you are interested in

• References 

• Indication on your expected daily consultant fee (in local currency).

Application deadline is Sunday 11th June 2023.


The full Terms of Reference (ToR) is available upon request from Phil Donnell :





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