Costing and Finance consultancy. Development of the South African Global Fund Request for Funding

Costing and Finance consultancy. Development of the South African Global Fund Request for Funding

Costing and Finance consultancy. Development of the South African Global Fund Request for Funding

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Terms of Reference: Costing and Finance consultancy. Development of the South African Global Fund Request for Funding (1 April 2025- 31 March 2028)


Consultancy team: Costing and Finance: Background


The South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) brings together government, civil society and the private sector to create a collective response to HIV, TB and STIs in South Africa. SANAC released the fifth National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV, Tuberculosis (TB) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in 2023. This five-year plan (2023–2028), guides the multi-sectoral implementation of strategies to mitigate the impact of HIV, TB and STIs. 


International donors such as Global Fund (GF) support the implementation of the National Strategic Plan in SA, amongst others. The GF grant is coordinated through the Global Fund Country Co-ordinating Mechanism (GF CCM), which is a SANAC-hosted body set up to raise funds from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (Global Fund). As part of its function, the CCM oversees the development and submission of a request for funding proposal to the Global Fund (GF) every three year cycle. 

Based on the Global Fund Board’s decision in December 2022 on the funding available for the period 2025-2028. South Africa has been allocated 536 040,497 USD for HIV, tuberculosis and building resilient and sustainable systems for health (RSSH). The allocation amounts for all countries have been determined according to a methodology approved by the Global Fund Board, primarily based on disease burden and income level. South Africa is classified as an upper-middle-income country.

A technical team comprising of in-country and external TB and HIV experts is being identified to assist in the development of the funding request. Additional technical assistance for the HIV Funding Request Technical Task Teams (TTT) are required to ensure that all elements of the HIV components are consistent and sound.

Role of the Costing and Finance consultancy team

  1. To work closely with the GF CCM request for funding subcommittee, the CCM, The Writing Team and the RFF Lead Coordinator to participate in consultations and to participate in technical working groups to fully understand the direction and intention of consultations where evidence will be reviewed, 
  2. Priorities identified within what the evidence shows, and the details of programme content and implementation arrangements finalized. This will enable the team to develop the section in the main RFF document on the funding landscape and co-financing, the Funding Landscape Table that will be an important attachment and develop the budgets that will form part of the main attachments for the RFF. 
  3. The budgets will need to be developed for each Principal Recipient to the relevant level of detail and format as required by the GF. This will require working closely with the other members of the lead technical team (sustainability, lead and support writers, monitoring, and evaluation consultants) to ensure that the logical framework that forms the basis of the budget is fully aligned with the work of all lead technical team members. This will also require working closely with the Principal Recipients selected by the CCM to develop the final detail of the budgets.


The main deliverable is a timeously completed high quality GF Request for Funding for HIV, TB and Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (1 April 2025 to 31 March 2028) that includes a suitable section on the finance landscape and co-financing, a Funding Landscape Table and budgets for the programmes described in the RFF. All these must be written in excellent English, with references as footnotes, all annexes formatted and labelled appropriately and must include an abbreviations list.

Other deliverables include:

  1. Alignment with Programmatic Gap Table(s) Performance Framework and Sustainability Plan
  2. Funding Landscape Table(s)
  3. Co-Financing Commitment
  4. Detailed Budgets Consolidating PR’s detailed budget and ensuring all activities are properly costed. 
  5. Proper and accurate costing of all activities and commodities, ensuring that every activity is costed, and no lump sums are ring-fenced
  6. Ensuring that all activities and Health Products are costed and consolidated into the main templates.
  7. Costing the PAAR Activities 
  8. Any other deliverables as needed.

Scope of work and more detailed deliverables:

  • Review of all relevant documents that will be used to inform the Request for Funding and the detail required for the section on the finance landscape and co-financing, the Funding Landscape Table and budgets for the programmes described in the RFF. This will include ( but not limited to):
  • The GF Allocation letter
  • GF policies and guidance documents for applicants
  • The National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and STIs 2023-2028 and its financial gap analysis.
  • Information on innovative financing models
  • Costed Provincial and Multi-Sectoral District Implementation Plans for TB and STIs 2023-2028 
  • Investment case and any other financial analyses relating to HIV and TB in SA, including budgeting and expenditure analyses.
  • Current GF grant and all updates of progress (from various oversight and CCM documents)
  • Review and analysis of expenditure of the current GF grant.
  • Use information from these documents to prepare an initial financial gap analysis for the RFF and an analysis of expenditure of the current GF grant for review by the CCM.
  • After CCM input, work with the lead technical team to prepare a combined programmatic and financial gap analysis to be used for consultation or as per the work plan.
  • Participate in consultations, dialogues and technical task teams to facilitate discussions and capture input from stakeholders, as per work plan.
  • Work with the CCM, CCM Request for Funding subcommittee and CCM Secretariat to understand and assist with the development and ongoing adjustment as necessary of the work plan for the development of the GF Request for Funding.
  • Participate in CCM meetings, GF Request for Funding subcommittee meetings, dialogues/consultations and TTT meetings to be able to accurately capture the comprehensive overall picture being built up as well as the details that will be captured in the RFF including the section on the finance landscape and co-financing, the Funding Landscape Table and budgets for the programmes described in the RFF.
  • Lead a technical task team that will work closely with the Costing TTT to collect, collate and analyse all the information to inform the relevant sections that the team is responsible for.
  • Design of templates and guidelines for PR work plans and budgets to enable consolidation into the GF templates.
  • Provide guidance in the structuring of the RFF logical framework for the consolidated RFF and facilitate and support the process to develop revised work plans and budgets.
  • Develop a schedule of shared unit costs for the CCM that should be applied to all PR programme elements.
  • Co-ordinate analysis and documentation on the financial situation and financial performance of each PR, including analysis of expenditures against budget and potential under-expenditure of the current grant period.
  • Prepare drafts of the consolidated work plan-budget for the CCM until finalized.
  • These mentioned above will be developed in line with what is in the main document and the other main attachments (Sustainability Plan, Programmatic Gap Table, Performance Framework) and have to be formatted and aligned with what is in the main document.
  • Prepare presentations and communication pieces to various stakeholders.

Proposed team arrangements

It is proposed that a team of consultants apply for this consultancy. The team should comprise of:

  • Individual to work on the PR detailed Budgets and align with the provided GF templates.  
  • Individual to cost and PR activities consolidate Health Product Management Tool (HPMT)
  • Individual to assess the funding landscape and funding gap and attain co-financing commitments.
  • The team should align and work with other writing team members and ensure that every component is costed, there are no lumpsums in the final budgets.
  • The team should have a lead.

Qualifications and experience: 

  • Relevant Post graduate qualification in finance and relevant qualification in health financing/ accounting
  • High level of knowledge and understanding of HIV and TB epidemics in South Africa and the financing and costing thereof.
  • Previous experience in working with a team of finance and costing experts in the development of major financial and costing documents for HIV and TB in SA e.g., Investment Case, Global Fund grant proposal etc.
  • Previous experience in contributing to the development of Global Fund Request for Funding in the new format, including the development of the narrative sections on the finance landscape and co-financing, the development of the Funding Landscape Table and budgets for the programmes described in the RFF. 
  • Has previously provided support on finance and costing to numerous government departments (national and/or provinces) including DBE, DSD, NDOH etc
  • Previous experience or contribution to the development of a costing and gap analysis for the South African National Strategic Plan 
  • Previous work with the Costing and Finance Technical Task Team
  • Ability to work under pressure and still produce accurate high-quality documents
  • Ability to work with multiple stakeholders.
  • Ability to communicate in English (written and verbal) at an advanced level. 

Timelines and commitment:

  • The GF Request for funding will be developed over a period from January 2024 to 09 September 2024 
  • The level of effort expected is to be a maximum of lead consultant 60 days.
  • This will spread over the 9 months with some initial work in preparation around January 2024 then preparation for consultations starting in February and then more intense work over February, March, April, May and June 2024. 
  • Although the assignment is led by   SANAC, the contracting will occur through UNAIDS for this assignment


The consultant will be supervised by the Lead Writer; Support Writer and RFF Lead Co-ordinator: who will work closely with the consultant to discuss the work and the review drafts and the final product.  

Proposal Format  

A detailed CV in response to this ToR is due on 31 December 2023 by 09h00  containing all the information required to evaluate the bid against the requirements stipulated in these terms of reference document. Please send your proposals to the following should be attached to the proposal as annexures:

  1. Annexure A: Summary of experience. Please attach CVs of proposed team members, where applicable which show the range of similar assignments they have undertaken and the size of these assignments, three letters of reference or other means of verifying experience
  2. Annexure B: Summary details of proposed team 
  3. Annexure C: Consultant/Company Profile
  4. Annexure D: Tax Clearance Verification
  5. Annexure E: Recent Central Supplier Database (CSD)
  6. Annexure F: Pricing information. Price proposals should include VAT and should be fully inclusive of ALL costs (including travel) to deliver the outputs indicated in the terms of reference. Budget notes should be provided to justify costs.

Criteria for Selection 

The selection of the best offer will be based on the combined scoring method: (the qualifications and experience will be weighted 80%, combined with the price offer, which will be weighted 20%).

  • The CV or Profile demonstrates clear process knowledge and experience for delivering high quality products in line with the ToR (80%).
  • Financial proposal (20%).
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