Request for Proposal – Financial Consultant (Accountant)

Request for Proposal – Financial Consultant (Accountant)


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Request for Proposal – Financial Consultant (Accountant)

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    25 Sep, 2023

Request for Proposal (RFP)


Request for Proposal – Financial Consultant (Accountant)



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IRD SA NPC (the Company) invites you (the Potential Supplier) to submit a response (Tender) to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the services of a  Financial Consultant (Accountant) (the Project) in accordance with this RFP and the documents attached to it (RFP Document).

Please carefully read the information and instructions outlined in the RFP Documents; non-compliance with the instructions may result in disqualification of your Tender.

Please also read the Terms of Participation Outlined in Annexure-2, as they form part of this RFP and will ap


IRD SA NPC, is an affiliate of IRD Global ( ) a regional resource for innovative global health research and delivery in over 20 countries. IRD is Based in Singapore, with regional offices in Bangladesh, UAE, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, and Pakistan.

The IRD team leverages process and technology innovations to address global health delivery gaps, including health market innovations based on social business models, performance-based incentives for health workers, incentives for patients to access diagnostics and enable treatment adherence, and open-source information technology platforms to allow close monitoring of patient care and program quality. IRD is a global leader in developing and using open-source information technology platforms that enable close monitoring of patient care and program quality and facilitate the integration of healthcare systems.

Our work touches more than 100 million people's lives daily. We have taken the IRD model everywhere we work – bringing the best-trained nationals back to their countries for meaningful and rewarding work. We operate out of a network of strategic hubs and deploy impactful health infrastructure worldwide.


To ensure compliance with Donor requirements on all our projects, IRD SA NPC is looking for a Financial Consultant (Accountant), to gather and monitor financial data, prepare statements (balance sheets and income statements), forecast costs and revenues, manage tax payments, organise internal audits, and analyse financial trends to support the Head of Finance and the team in all financial decisions.





IRD Global issues tender documentation to selected vendors by email


Submission of Intention to Respond via email to   with a copy to stakeholders as follows;

- IRD SA Head of Finance -

- IRD SA Head of Operations –

- Chief Procurement Officer –


Submission of Questions (if applicable) via email to   with a copy to stakeholders as follows; :

- IRD SA Head of Finance -

- RD SA Head of Operations –

- Chief Procurement Officer –


Tender Submission (Closing Time) via email, with the subject as the RFP reference # IRD-SA/RFP/2309-01

Email   with a copy to stakeholders as follows;

- IRD SA Head of Finance -

- RD SA Head of Operations –

- Chief Procurement Officer –


Shortlisted Vendors Presentations


Award of the contract


Assignment to Commence


5.1. Intention to Respond

It is a condition of this RFP process that each Potential vendor who intends to submit a Tender confirms this via email and does so by the date set out in the RFP timetable.

Even if a Potential Vendor does not intend to submit a Tender, the Company requests that all Potential Vendors respond via email, stating why the Potential Supplier does not intend to submit a Tender.

5.2. Tender

To participate in this RFP, you must submit a Tender that fully complies with this document's instructions and Annexes.

The information and documents that you are required to submit and return to submit a compliant Tender are:

5.2.1. RFP Submission / Proposal (01 – within the tender pack). The evaluation process is detailed in Section 6 of this document.

5.2.2. Commercial Proposal / Pricing Schedule (02 – within the tender pack). All pricing instructions have been detailed within this document.

5.2.3. Responses must:

  • be submitted in English.
  • contain all the required information described above.
  • include the complete registered address of the Vendor’s office with the name, mailing address, and contact number of the person to be contacted regarding the proposal.

be submitted via email, and all attachments must be marked as ) via email to   with a copy to stakeholders as follows :

Vendor Presentation

Shortlisted Vendors may be invited to present their commercial proposals. Meeting details will be forwarded to your nominated representative. The Potential Vendor’s team attending the presentation must only include members who would be actively engaged in the execution of the work and delivery of the service, along with the key members of the Suppliers’ teams should be present. The Vendor presentation will form part of the overall evaluation process.


Tenders will be evaluated against the following non-exhaustive list of criteria:

6.1. Company Profile:

  • Qualifications of the Bidder
  • Years of experience in similar or related work.
  • Relevant, contactable references

6.2. Experience:

Vendor’s ability to show a proven track record of carrying out similar projects. References from clients where similar projects have been undertaken will support this evaluation criteria

6.3. Methodology, Approach and Creative Thinking:

The proposed approach to the service provision includes a view of how the vendor will interact and work together with IRD SA Finance team, including the potential creative approach to the project.

6.4. Commercial Offer:

A detailed commercial offer, outlining the detailed and itemized costing and clearly showing the breakdown of the costs, will be required.


1. Context & Objectives of the Project:

To ensure compliance with Donor requirements on all our projects, IRD SA NPC is looking for a Financial Consultant (Accountant), to gather and monitor financial data, prepare statements (balance sheets and income statements), forecast costs and revenues, manage tax payments, organise internal audits, and analyse financial trends to support the Head of Finance and the team in all financial decisions.

1.1. Geographical Locations where Project services are required:

Services will be required in the IRD SA office in Sandton, Johannesburg

1.2. Key Deliverables

  • Reports for closed IRD SA NPC project for the grant periods 2020 to 2023
  • Reconcile Payroll with Reports submitted to donors
  • Reconcile VAT Reports with Quick Books entries
  • Compile all expense Reports and compare with donor submissions
  • Reconcile assets and liability clearing accounts
  • Asset register creation and reconciliation

1.3. Specific RFP submission documents (If applicable)

  • Certified ID copy, or permission to work in South Africa (Work permit etc)
  • Certified copies of all relevant qualifications (B. Comm degree in Accounting/Finance and/or CA(SA) qualification with relevant experience in the financial field is required)
  • 5 years working experience as a Financial Accountant at a senior level
  • 3 written references for similar work done within the last 3 years

1.4. Periodic Contract Review (If applicable)

On a month-by-month basis

1.5. Contract Period (If applicable)

The contract period is anticipated to begin on or about 09/10/2023 and through 31/01/2024, with a possibility of an extension.


1. Introduction

1.1. These Terms of Participation should be read in conjunction with the RFP Documents.

2. Conduct

2.1. The Potential Vendor must abide by these Terms of Participation and any instructions given in the RFP Documents and agrees to ensure that any of its directors, office holders, staff, contractors, sub-contractors, and advisers involved or connected with this RFP abide by the same.

2.2. The Potential Vendor must not directly or indirectly canvass any director, officer, employee, agent, or adviser of the Company regarding this RFP or attempt to obtain any information (except where permitted by this RFP). Any attempt by the Potential Vendor to do so may result in the Potential Supplier’s disqualification from this RFP process.

3. Collusive Behaviour

3.1. A Potential Vendor must not (and shall ensure that its directors, employees, sub-contractors, and advisers do not):

i. Fix or adjust any element of the Tender by agreement or arrangement with any other person, except where such prohibited acts are undertaken with persons participating in the Potential Supplier’s Tender.

ii. Communicate with any person other than the Company the value, price or rates set out in the Tender, except where such communication is undertaken with persons who are participants in the Potential Supplier’s Tender; and

iii. Enter into any agreement or arrangement with any other person so that person refrains from submitting a Tender.

3.2. Breach by a Potential Vendor of paragraph 3.1 will give the Company the right to disqualify the Potential Vendor from the RFP process.

4. Right to Cancel or Vary the Procurement

4.1. The Company reserves the right:

i. To change the basis of its procedures for the RFP without notice at any time.

ii. To amend, clarify, add to, or withdraw all or any part of the RFP Documents at any time.

iii. To vary any timetable or deadlines outlined in the RFP Documents.

iv. Not to award a contract for some or all the Goods and/or Services for which Tenders are invited; and

v. To cancel all or part of the RFP process at any stage and any time.

5. Status of the RFP Documents

5.1. No information contained in the RFP Documents or in any communication made between the Company and the Potential Vendor in connection with the RFP shall be relied upon as constituting a contract, agreement, or representation that any contract shall be entered into in accordance with the Tender or at all.

5.2. The Company shall not be committed to any course of action as a result of:

i. Issuing any RFP Documents.

ii. Communicating with Potential Vendors or their representatives, agents, or advisers regarding this RFP.

5.3. The RFP Documents and any attachments or references have been prepared in good faith but do not purport to be a comprehensive statement of all matters relevant to the procurement, nor has it been independently verified. Neither the Company nor its advisers, directors, officers, employees or other staff or agents:

i. Accept any liability or responsibility for the adequacy, accuracy, or completeness of the RFP Documents; or

ii. Make any representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the information the RFP Documents contain, nor shall any of them be liable for any loss or damage (other than in respect of fraudulent misrepresentation) arising because of reliance on such information or any subsequent communication.

5.4. The Potential Vendor shall form its conclusions and independently assess the requirements in this RFP. They should seek (on their own) financial and legal advice about the methods and resources needed to meet the Company’s requirements.

5.5. The Company does not accept responsibility for the Potential Vendor’s assessment of the requirements of this RFP.

5.6. At its own expense, the Potential Vendor is responsible for obtaining all information required to prepare its Tender.

6. Costs

6.1. The Company will not reimburse any costs incurred by a Potential Vendor (including the costs or expenses of any sub-contractors or advisers) in connection with the preparation and/or submission of the Potential Vendor’s Tender, including where:

i. The procurement is cancelled, shortened, or delayed for any reason.

ii. All or any part of the RFP Documents is at any time amended, clarified, added to, or withdrawn for any reason.

iii. A contract for some or all the goods and/or services for which Tenders are invited is not concluded; or

iv. The Potential Vendor and/or its Tender is disqualified from participation in the procurement for any reason.

7. Confidentiality

7.1. Subject to the exceptions referred to in paragraph 7.2, the contents of the RFP Documents (together, the “Information”) are being made available to the Potential Vendor on the condition that the Potential Vendor:

i. always treats the RFP Documents as confidential unless it is already in the public domain.

ii. does not disclose, copy, reproduce, distribute, or pass any of the Information to anyone at any time or allow any of these things to happen.

iii. only uses the Information to prepare a Response (or decide whether to respond).

7.2. A Potential Vendor may disclose any of the Information to its employees, advisers or sub-contractors provided that:

i. This is done for the sole purpose of enabling the Potential Vendor to submit a Response, and the person receiving the Information undertakes in writing to keep the information confidential on the same terms imposed by these Terms of Participation; or

ii. it obtains the Company’s prior written consent in relation to such disclosure; or

iii. the Potential Vendor is legally required to make such a disclosure.

7.3. The Company may freely disclose information submitted by Potential Vendors during the procurement to its officers, employees, group companies, agents or advisers but will otherwise, subject to paragraph 7.2 (iii), keep the information confidential.

8. Intellectual Property

8.1. All RFP Documents issued in connection with this procurement shall remain the Company’s property and shall be used by the Potential Vendor only for this procurement.

8.2. The Potential Vendor grants the Company an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive licence to copy, amend and reproduce any intellectual property contained within the Tender for the purposes of carrying out this procurement.

9. Law and Jurisdiction

9.1. Any dispute (including non-contractual disputes or claims) relating to this procurement, or the RFP Documents shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of South Africa.

9.2. The courts of South Africa shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with this procurement or the RFP Documents (including non-contractual disputes or claims).

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