Request for Proposals: Social Investment Project Management Services

Request for Proposals: Social Investment Project Management Services

Request for Proposals: Social Investment Project Management Services

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    South Africa

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    Call for proposals
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    2 weeks ago

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    01 Jul, 2024

Request for Proposals: Social Investment Project Management Services

Background to the request for proposals:

The Kgolo Community Development Trust (KCDT), formerly known as the Hotazel Manganese Mine Education Trust (HMMET), exists to uplift historically disadvantaged persons and communities from Joe Morolong Local Municipality (JMLM) and the broader John Taolo Gaetsewe (JTG) District of the Northern Cape. The Trust invests in the development of the target communities through education, health, infrastructure, and general community development, with the vision of opening diverse opportunities for individuals and communities to enhance their chances of success and improve the quality of their lives.
The Trust aims to develop these communities by embedding a social investment strategy that guides its expenditure. It is for this reason that the Trust is looking for a service provider to oversee the development, implementation, execution and monitoring of its programmes and projects to ensure that the Trust achieves its vision and strategic intent. The successful provider will also be required to build strategic engagements with external stakeholders to support the delivery of the Trust’s strategies.

The Service Provider shall supply the following Services to the Trust:
•Manage all aspects of current and future projects of the Trust such as identification, planning, scoping, assessment of proposals, and update project policies, processes, and procedures where necessary.
•End-to-end social investment project management including the receipt of applications through a dedicated KCDT platform, the review of proposals, acknowledgement to potential partners, vetting of proposals, recommendation and responding to proposals through a dedicated KCDT platform.
•Oversee the delivery of projects, products and services by implementing partners, suppliers or service providers in order to monitor completion of all projects on time, within scope and budget as per service level and grant agreements.
•Spearhead the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of projects to ensure credible, reliable, and cost-effective monitoring data to inform ongoing management decisions.
•Work closely with the Trust’s governance and administration service provider as it pertains to all operations to ensure the progress and completion of projects.
•Establish performance measures for projects, collect and analyse performance information, for decision-making and resource allocation.

Prepare and present all project documents for audit and assurance activities for the Trust.
•Prepare and present an annual programme report to the trustees, setting out the grants/investments made on behalf of the Trust and the social benefits derived therefrom and the work conducted by the Service Provider on behalf of the Trust for the applicable year.
•Prepare, provide, and communicate such reports, information, feedback and updates as may be reasonably requested by the Founder from time to time in respect of the Trust, its administration and operation, and to communicate with, and assist the Founder as may be reasonably required in this regard. 

•Review, execute and oversee the stakeholder engagement strategy for the Trust.
•Establish a systematic process of engagement with stakeholders as well as regular flow of information to stakeholders. This includes the establishment of a schedule of engagement with stakeholders.
•Oversee the maintenance of a website to deliver reliable content and ensure that the website is a virtual meeting space for stakeholders to access and share information and services of the Trust.
•Create, design, and publish digital editions of a quarterly newsletter to engage and connect with KCDT audiences and stakeholders.
•Conceptualization and organize the quality delivery of Trust events and annual general meetings (“AGM”), and ensure that arrangements, logistical, administration, branding materials, and preparation of events is cost effective.
•Prepare additional communication products for events on stakeholder engagement.
•Prepare and record stakeholder engagement and meeting reports according to the Trust’s stakeholder plan and calendar of activities.

The following requirements need to be met for an organisation to be considered:
• Registered and operating in South Africa;
• Demonstrable experience working in rural communities, especially in the Northern Cape;
• Demonstrable experience implementing similar programmes, with evidence of having managed social investments for a community development trust; and
• Able to provide audited financial statements no more than 18 months old.

The Trust is committed to black economic empowerment as an essential ingredient of its business, and therefore expects the applicant to demonstrate its commitment and track record to BBBEE in the areas of ownership (shareholding), skills transfer, employment equity and procurement practices (small, medium, and micro enterprise/SMME development).

Application details:
Using the above information as a guide, please submit a completed application form and all supporting documentation, including a high-level budget. Only high-quality applications that address all of the Trust’s requirements will be considered.
The completed application can be sent to:

If you have any questions or would like further clarity of any aspect of this request, please contact Kabelo Mphake on 011 376 2094.

Closing date: 1 July 2024.

Proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the criteria as follows: 


Quality of the proposal
BBBEE status


Minimum level 2 compliance

Please note that late applications will not be considered. If you have not had a response within 30 days of the closing date, please assume your application to have been unsuccessful