Senior Researcher: Resource Mobilisation and Climate Finance

Senior Researcher: Resource Mobilisation and Climate Finance

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Senior Researcher: Resource Mobilisation and Climate Finance

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Senior Researcher: Resource Mobilisation and Climate Finance 

Job Vacancy 

Institute for Economic Justice

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Type: Three-year contract

Working hours: Full time

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The Senior Researcher is responsible for research, policy, and advocacy work in the thematic area of climate finance and for the leadership of the Resourcing for Rights Realisation (RRR) project. 




You should have significant research experience and some thematic expertise in the area of climate finance, financing for development, international development finance, and/or other areas of resource mobilisation. You should have strong research leadership skills and the ability to collaboratively lead, manage and execute research projects. You should value working towards a fairer and more just world. 





  • Designing and undertaking primary and secondary research in the focus research and policy areas, leading to a range of outputs including Research Reports, Working Papers, journal articles and summary materials, such as, factsheets.

  • Oversight of Resourcing for Rights Realisation project research.

  • Reviewing, commenting on and editing research outputs by other members of the project team and within the IEJ.

  • Leading on convening research and policy forums in focus areas, for example, conferences or symposiums.

  • Participating in workshops and conferences.



  • Conducting media engagement (radio, tv interviews etc.).

  • Leading, representing IEJ in and participating in meetings with external stakeholders and government officials.

  • Oversight of RRR advocacy activities

  • Building partnerships and collaborating with other trade union and civil society role players and relevant stakeholders.

  • Representing IEJ in relevant forums.


Strategic contributions 

  • Thinking about how to frame IEJ’s position on key political and strategic issues.

  • Developing key messages.

  • Developing language for the communication of IEJ, including visual messaging.



  • Assisting in building capacity of junior researchers and researchers to produce publishable documents.
  • Assisting in mentoring through managing and revising the work of these junior researchers and researchers


Project management and donor relations

  • Preparing and managing the implementation of project plans.

  • Contributing to the preparation and management of project budgets.

  • Undertaking line-management of more junior project staff.

  • Preparing reports of project work undContributing and preparing donor narrative reports. 
  • Contributing to donor calls for applications.




Required skills and experience include:

  • A PhD or Masters and equivalent professional experience. 

  • Excellent research background with existing publications.

  • Training in economics, political economy, finance, or social sciences.

  • Strong analytical and written communication skills. 

  • Strong interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to engage with media and external stakeholders.

  • Knowledge of thematic focus area. 

  • Project planning and staff management expertise.

  • Interested in and passionate about the mission of the IEJ.

  • Excellent computer literacy is essential especially in MS Outlook, MS Word and MS Excel.

  • Strategic and analytical thinker; proactive and performance‐orientated.

  • Organised, self‐reliant, good problem‐solving, results‐oriented multi‐tasker with management skills and judgment.

  • Flexible and resilient.

  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills.

  • Presentation skills and the ability to effectively interface with all team members and stakeholders.



In an environment of economic contraction, inadequate development finance, increasing debt levels, and decreasing tax revenues, there is a perceived shortage of resources for the realisation of rights, and publicly financed development. The goal of the project is the adoption by African governments of policies that mobilise the maximum available domestic and international resources in an equitable and transparent manner to invest in the realisation of socio-economic rights and planetary wellbeing, including through a more just integration in a fairer and more democratic global financial system. This project aims to undertake rigorous research that supports and engages with critical coalitions and institutions across Africa and with allies around the world to secure appropriate adjustments to tax, debt, and climate financing instruments and their related policies and regulations, to effect the systemic change we want to see in the medium term.


Please see some publications that the IEJ has produced under this project here here here




The contract will be a full-time three-year contract beginning as soon possible. 




Expectation that candidates are able to be Johannesburg based. 




The IEJ is a non-profit activist think tank located in Johannesburg South Africa. 


The IEJ’s mission is to advance economic justice by collaborating in the provision of rigorous, accessible research and policy alternatives that empower progressive social forces to create systemic change from above and below in South Africa and the continent.


The IEJ is committed to gender and racial equity and transformation and will consider this when reviewing applications.

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