JustSolve: Your leading software development partner

JustSolve: Your leading software development partner

JustSolve: Your leading software development partner

The right software, tailored towards your business, makes all the difference in today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape.

Whether you’re a seasoned CxO seeking to streamline your enterprise operations or a startup founder with big dreams, choosing a software development partner is critical to your success.

At JustSolve, they offer staff augmentation services to plug the skill gap in your team or add more capacity to your team, integrating and being supported by other senior JustSolve staff.

When deciding whether to outsource a project, JustSolve can help you make this decision by creating a Business Value Assessment or by performing our signature Discovery Alignment service to establish a high-level product roadmap.

Once you know where you are heading, the strategy is aligned, the process is defined, and the right partner or people are selected, you can make further decisions, such as which delivery methodology and technology would be best suited.

At JustSolve, they seamlessly integrate with your organisation’s existing processes and way of work, or they take the lead and use the JustSolve Way when and where applicable.

Depending on the organisation’s unique needs, budget, time to market, skills of the development team, and existing technology landscape, JustSolve will work together with you in a collaborative and consultative manner to advise on the best-fit approach and technology for delivering each unique use case.

JustSolve offers delivery approaches such as staff augmentation, a Scrum Team as a service (recommended), and fixed-cost projects.

They also offer different software development options, such as enterprise low-code development platforms, low-code development frameworks for startups, and tried and tested good old hand coding which is of course where we come from and what has made us masters of our craft.

OutSystems: Low-Code Platform for Enterprise

Enterprise software solutions demand cost-efficiency, scalability, security, and robustness, with the ability to adapt to market demand and rapid changes in the IT landscape.

That’s where their expertise in both hand coding the traditional way and low-code development differentiates their offering in the market.

They empower your organisation to design, develop, deploy, and manage complex applications with minimal hand-coding.

The result? Accelerated digital transformation and agility that keeps you ahead of the competition.

FlutterFLow: Low-Code Framework for Startups or Innovation Hubs

Startups have even more constrained budgets, and closing a market gap is the difference between success and failure.

In this space, JustSolve offers a hybrid approach that leverages the speed of low-code with the flexibility and control of hand coding.

One of the frameworks and programming language combinations they use is FlutterFlow and Flutter, helping funded startups quickly turn their ideas into reality without compromising quality.

Manual: Hand-Crafted Software Development

While low-code frameworks and platforms offer tremendous advantages, some use cases require flexibility and control only achievable using traditional software development methods.

At JustSolve, they are software craftsmen and women first and foremost, a team of experts who excel in problem-solving, no wonder they call themselves Solvers.

Their own data, collected over the last 7 years, shows that the Solvers at JustSolve can back themselves in building out MVPs and prototypes using low-code frameworks up to 3x times faster than traditional hand-coding.

Further to this, their data shows that using an enterprise-grade low-code platform, they can once again back themselves in building out complex solutions up to 4x times faster than traditional hand-coding, ensuring your solutions are future-ready and of the highest quality.

Embrace innovation, drive digital transformation, and stay ahead in your industry with JustSolve by your side.

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