Partnership Between Sangonet and Alliance of Non Profit Organisations Networks (ANNET)

The partnership between SANGONet and the Alliance of Non-Profit Organisations Networks (ANNET) represents a significant step towards unifying and strengthening the non-profit sector in South Africa. ANNET, established in 2020, serves as the apex body for various sectors including NGOs, NPCs, CBOs, and FBOs, bringing together a diverse range of organizations under one coordinated voice.
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Strategic Objectives of ANNET

ANNET focuses on advocacy, capacity building, and policy influence. We empower marginalized communities, strengthen NPOs, and collaborate to create an enabling environment for social and economic development.
Social mobilization programmes

To conceptualise and implement advocacy and social mobilisation programmes aimed at lobbying for policies that advance the interests of marginalized members of society.

Assist member network organisations

To assist member network organisations in identifying and addressing opportunities and threats in the socio-economic environment.

Socio-economic programmes

To initiate, create, and execute sectoral socio-economic programmes addressing community-based responses to challenges.

Seek to influence

To identify, promote, and coordinate development priorities and seek to influence stakeholders to support the Alliance’s development agenda.

Creating an enabling environment

To work towards creating an enabling environment by influencing the legislative framework for NPO/NGOs.

Support collaboration

To promote and support collaboration amongst NPOs/NGOs and encourage cooperation with other sector formations.


Alliance of NPO Networks (ANNET) envisions a South Africa where every NPO formation has a voice, the means, and the knowledge to address power imbalance to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality, achieve social justice, peace, and democracy.


Support and develop the capacities of NPOs for more effective participation in decision-making processes, influence public and NPO policies, engage in official negotiations, deliberations, public mobilization at national, regional, and international levels.


Alliance of NPO Networks (ANNET) is an umbrella and Apex Body representing Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) sectors in South Africa. It was established in 2020 to address fragmentation, disorganization, and division within the NPO sector.

Founding Members and Organizations

The founding members of ANNET are well reputable national NPO networks, boasting a combined membership of grassroots non-profit entities spread across all nine provinces.

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Our Network Members

Discover the diverse network of organizations and individuals within ANNET who are committed to fostering collaboration, driving positive change, and creating opportunities for growth and impact.


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