Tshepang Tlale

About Me

I am, Tshepang Tlale, a highly adaptable and experienced professional with a diverse background in education, psychology, sales and public relations, statistics and chess coaching. Equipped with a Master's degree in Educational Psychology, specializing in guidance and counseling from Bahcesehir University in Istanbul, Turkey, I bring a versatile skill set that makes me an excellent fit for a wide range of roles. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Witwatersrand and recognition as one of the Mail and Guardian 100 Young South Africans, I have consistently demonstrated my commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of human behavior.

Throughout my career, I have excelled in various capacities, showcasing my ability to quickly adapt and succeed in different environments. From my experience as an Online Sales Agent at Oh My Cake! Bakery, where I conduct cost-benefit analyses and provided insightful reports, to my role as a Teaching Assistant at De La Salle Holy Cross College, where I created inclusive learning environments and implemented behavior management techniques, I have consistently displayed my versatility and strong problem-solving skills.

Moreover, my passion for chess has allowed me to make a significant impact as a Chess Coach, developing tailored training programs and leading teams to success in national and regional competitions. This experience has honed my ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and foster their personal growth and development. With fluency in multiple languages, including English, Sesotho, Portuguese, Afrikaans, and Setswana, I possess excellent communication skills and a natural aptitude for building meaningful connections.

Overall, my versatile experience in education, psychology, and chess coaching positions me as a highly suitable choice for a wide array of roles. I offer adaptability, strong problem-solving abilities, and a genuine passion for empowering individuals to achieve their full potential. With my interdisciplinary expertise and commitment to excellence, I am well-prepared to make a positive impact in any organization or team I join.