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SANGONeT’s programmes through the NGO Pulse Portal, Prodder Directory have contributed significantly to the NGO Sector in South Africa and to the general population.  For 13 years the NGO Pulse Portal provided an opportunity for the NGO development issues pertinent to the Southern Africa region. 

NGO Pulse Information Portal

The NGO Pulse Information Portal represents SANGONeT’s strategic response and the challenges facing the local NGO sector.  The portal is the culmination of SANGONeT’s years of experience of working on line environment.  Launched in 2005, the Portal’s main objective is to develop the institutional capacity of the NGO sector through providing information that supports stronger management practices, among others. 

NGO Pulse e-newsletter

The e-newsletter relies on the reflect contribution from the sector and provides a gateway to the South  African NGO sector.  The e-newsletter is a platform that serves to communicate with the NGO sector in South and Southern Africa.


NGOPULSE has a reach of over 70 000 subscribers reaching all 9 (nine) provinces of South Africa.

Our website is linked to our four Social Media platforms with a reach of over 60 000 users and followers in a given month. i.e. Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; and LinkedIn.


  • To Activate and Manage links to the CSI sector, with a view to create relations and partnerships.
  • Initiate and Maintain Continual Content Marketing on Social Media and Website
  • Enhance the Publishing of Vacancies, Announcements and Opportunities
  • Revitalize and Maintain Social Media Marketing
  • Implement stable and growing E-mail Marketing
  • Initiate a Momentum on Website Training and Web Services
  • To learn about and understand the Competition as means of winning the game
  • To Implement a Fund-Raising drive with a view to re-focus on Social Justice, Internet Governance and Organizational Sustainability.