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The Health Systems Trust (HST) is a leading role-player in the South African public health arena focusing on health systems strengthening, research, and strategic support to the implementation of priority health programmes. Established in April 1992 on the brink of democracy in South Africa, HST has played a significant role in the evolution of the national health system. Today our strength lies in the knowledge, insight and experience we harness through synergising our research and implementation outputs towards a healthy life for all.


Our Vision

Improved health access and outcomes in South Africa and beyond


Our Mission

A renowned African organisation driving change for effective and equitable health systems


Our Values

Our values as an organisation always motivate us to aim higher and strive to be and do better. They are easily remembered by the acronym ASPIIRE which captures the essence of who we are:

  • Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions, performance and business outcomes

    • We are answerable to our clients, stakeholders and each other

    • We abide by applicable legal standards and regulations that affect our business

    • We are goal-oriented, pro-active and constantly seek to improve ourselves

  • Synergy – We achieve more by working as a team

    • We work collaboratively within the organisation and with external stakeholders

    • We actively engage with colleagues and partners to strengthen our impact

    • We recognise that there is creativity and problem solving in diversity

  • People-centred – We focus on the needs of our people and provide support and services

    • We uphold and defend everyone’s right to health and wellbeing

    • We involve people and are receptive and responsive to their needs

    • We strive to make people feel safe, empowered and treated fairly

  • Integrity – We maintain our honesty at all times

    • We engage with everyone honestly and in good faith

    • We hold others and ourselves accountable for what we do and say

    • We uphold the highest ethical standards and abide by our code of conduct

  • Innovation – We are change agents, open to new ideas and possibilities

    • We are on a journey to continuously develop ourselves and others

    • We strive to harness technology to drive change in healthcare

    • We strive to find unique solutions and innovations to respond to the challenges faced by a changing world

  • Respect – We treat others with dignity

    • We show consideration for other’s interests, rights and well-being

    • We always consider and recognise the diverse opinions of others

    • We treat others in the way we would like to be treated

  • Excellence – We strive to be outstanding in all we do

    • We uphold the highest standards of professionalism

    • We are intentional in the execution of evidence-based interventions for our clients

    • We focus on growth and development to be the best in the field


  • Continuous quality improvement and capacity development 

  • People-centred 

  • Collaborative 

  • Multidisciplinary

  • Evidence-based, locally driven 

  • Innovative​​


The Health Systems Trust’s (HST’s) core is focused on strengthening health systems, conducting evidence-based research and supporting the implementation of key health programmes in an effort to create health equity for all. We generally focus on addressing health challenges within the South African context.



Health Systems Trust

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