Seriti Institute Among 50 Global Organizations Awarded Citi Foundation’s Prestigious Grant to Empower Communities

Seriti Institute Among 50 Global Organizations Awarded Citi Foundation’s Prestigious Grant to Empower Communities

Seriti Institute Among 50 Global Organizations Awarded Citi Foundation’s Prestigious Grant to Empower Communities

In a world where hunger and malnutrition remain pressing issues, the Citi Foundation has taken a significant step towards addressing these challenges by awarding Seriti Institute, a South African non-profit organization, with the prestigious Global Innovation grant. The grant, which was awarded to only 50 organizations worldwide in 2023, recognizes the power of community-driven change and supports innovative approaches to deepening community impact.

Seriti Institute operates in a context where a “staggering 21% of South Africans experienced inadequate or severely inadequate access to food in 2021, over half a million households with children under five reporting hunger”, (Statistics SA). The cost-of-living crisis has only exacerbated these issues in recent years.

The Citi Foundation’s grant has enabled Seriti to increase capacity and training opportunities in their flagship initiative: Multifunctional Agri-Nodes (MFANs). These nodes empower small-scale farmers and address food security challenges in rural areas by providing a holistic approach to agriculture that considers environmental benefits, community support, and food safety and security.

At the core of Seriti’s innovative approach is the development of tri-sectoral partnerships between the government, private sector, and civil society. These partnerships create an enabling environment for MFANs to thrive, fostering community agriculture and generating livelihoods for local farmers.

Seriti has established partnerships with tribal authorities, local municipalities, non-profits, and corporate social investment partners, including the Citi Foundation. In Limpopo, they have partnered with Economic Urban Farming, a community-based non-profit, for local facilitation and knowledge sharing. In KwaZulu-Natal, their partnership with the Southern Africa Food Lab provides technical expertise in agroecology and sustainable farming practices.

The Social Employment Fund, a national government-led public employment programme, has also joined forces with Seriti, providing employment and income-earning opportunities that serve as a short-term income injection into communities and encourage enterprise development.

Corporate partners and foundations play a crucial role in teaching professional skills, such as financial management and business planning, while also supporting self-sustaining partnerships that catalyse work on the ground and amplify the impact of funding.

The long-term result of these partnerships is improved agricultural outcomes and the ongoing sustainability of projects, ultimately creating jobs, sustaining livelihoods, and contributing to the health and well-being of communities.

Seriti Institute’s collaboration with the Citi Foundation showcases the power of innovative partnerships in driving change and progress, offering a model for addressing complex challenges and establishing in-community assets that can transform lives.


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