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    Gauteng, South Africa

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    02 Aug, 2024




Purpose of Role

The Outreach Foundation’s Board and Team are seeking a strategic, forward-thinking leader as our next Executive Director with a strong vision to lead the organisation towards achieving its vision of ensuring that the ‘foundation is a critical partner in the lives of the marginalised that are eager to improve their sustainable livelihoods”.  This goal is non-negotiable and part of the DNA and raison d'etre of the  entire organisation.

The Outreach Foundation is a non-profit organisation in the migrant,  skills and community development space and currently operates in 3 sites, namely Johannesburg, Pretoria and Musina. We have been in operation for a quarter of a century.

We are pushing forwards towards above-mentioned goal, learning what works, how well it works, and in what contexts and constantly change and adapt based on our best thinking and evidence emerging.

Objectives of Role

  • Be strategic, forward-thinking and drive long-term strategy and vision of the Outreach Foundation. Lead the development, implementation and review of the organisational strategy on an on-going basis and ensure appropriate processes and resources are in place to achieve our plans.

  • Lead the development of the Grant / Donor / Funder strategic framework, with yearly objectives and programmes.

  • Lead strategic engagements with current and future Grant / Donor / Funders to secure sustainable funding and partnerships.

  • Be flexible, willing to take risks, adaptable and comfortable with uncertainty. Interventions and circumstances change (and change again) at short notice and require the leadership team to respond appropriately. As a result, teams and job descriptions morph and adapt very frequently. The concept of “not my job” is foreign to the Outreach Foundation. People typically step in to fill short term vacuums but the leadership team (and the ED) are required to constantly recalibrate the team (hiring more people, moving people around, changing job descriptions, promoting etc.). The ED is expected to manage this changing scene in a coherent way.

  • Be familiar with Finance, Legal, IT and HR as strategic pillars to strengthen organisational governance and performance efficiencies.

  • Be confident in their abilities to understand and articulate the Outreach Foundation’s interventions and , both internally and externally.

  • Be a relational leader and willing to work collaboratively, learning from and seeking advice from the Board and Management Team.

  • Have strong interpersonal skills with high EQ, able to read between the lines, have difficult conversations, motivate and inspire people, sense and head off relational conflict at an early stage.

  • Willing and eager to add value towards and enhancing organisational culture and values.

  • Have a clear understanding of and be able to articulate concepts in international, regional and local development issues as well as in scalability, cost effectiveness, replicability, quantitative and qualitative evaluation.

  • Be able to inspire both the Outreach Foundation team and the broader South African community to strive towards its vision and mission.

  • Understand the benefits and limitations of quantitative and qualitative evaluations.

  • Be able to work in both, urban and rural environments.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Degree in Development Studies, Business, Economics or related Social Sciences

  • Leadership role in a fast growing agile organisation

  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in Development and/or NPO Sector

  • Minimum 5 – 7 years leading a team of senior managers

  • Experienced in the migrant and refugee space

  • Experience of developing and implementing strategy

  • Managed stakeholder relationships

  • Have proven record of strategic funder / donor engagements and securing sustainable funding.

  • Managed annual budgets and financial process

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Experience of developing and implementing strategy & leading organisational change

  • Managed stakeholder relationships

  • Strategic & Excellent Communication Skills with stakeholders & team

  • Managed Board level reporting and analysis


  • Has experience in leading organisational change.

  • Be able to identify with the Outreach Foundation’s Vision, Mission and Ethos

  • Be a visionary leader, knowing where to take the organisation next, being able to create a clear and compelling picture of
    the best future for the organisation.

  • Be a servant leader who brings out the best in the team.

  • Have a proven track record of leadership within the development sector.

  • Hold yourself and others to the highest standards of excellence and accountability.

  • Be able to effectively lead an Executive Team.

  • Be able to work effectively with the Board of Directors.

  • Be a gifted strategist, bringing clarity across the organisation by defining and measuring clear objectives.

Please Note: The successful candidate is required to undergo a financial background check. In addition, finger printing for the purpose of a  police clearance is a requirement for this position.


Deadline for applications is the 2nd of August 2024. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED.

Should you not hear from us before the end of July 2024, please consider your application unsuccessful.


As a GENERAL COURTESY TOWARDS THE Outreach Foundation, please refrain from sending your CV and cover letter should you not meet the requirements for the position.


Please forward your applications to